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  By-Laws/Operating Procedures - Annapolis Branch RTO of NS

  1. Name: The name of the organization shall be the Annapolis Branch of the Retired Teachers Organization of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union.
  2. Purpose: The purpose of the Branch shall be to carry out the objectives of the NS Retired Teachers Organization (RTO).
  3. Membership: Membership in the Branch shall be as per qualifications in the RTO Constitution, provided said member has indicated in writing his or her desire to be a member and paid any set membership fee.
  4. Rights, Privileges and Responsibilities: Branch members shall have the same rights, privileges and responsibilities as those extended by the Constitution of the RTO.
  5. Fees: Branch membership fee, if any, shall be established by resolution at the Branch Annual General Meeting (AGM) with a thirty (30) day notice and a vote at the AGM.
  6. Membership Year: Membership shall extend from one Branch AGM to the next AGM.
  7. Meetings:
    1. Meetings shall be held twice yearly and at other times as determined by the executive.
      1. May/June - Branch AGM
      2. Fall
    2. Meetings shall rotate geographically within the Branch area.
    3. Between meetings, the business of the Branch will be carried on by the Executive, and be ratified, if necessary, at the next regular meeting.
  8. Organization:
    1. The officers of the Branch shall be as follows: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Committee Chairs, and the Immediate Past President.
    2. The members of the Executive, with the exception of the Past President, shall be elected yearly at the Branch AGM.
  9. Committees and Duties:
    1. Membership: Keep an updated list of Branch members;
      Collect Branch fees if any;
      Seek ways to increase membership.
    2. Communication: Notify Branch members of meetings;
      Collect/disseminate information between Executive and members;
      Safeguard Minutes Book and Records.
    3. Pension & Benefits: Liaise between RTO Pension and Benefits Committee and Branch.
    4. Nominating: The immediate Past President will bring in a slate of candidates for Executive positions.
  10. Duties of the Executive:
    1. President: Preside over Branch affairs;
      Chair meetings of the Branch;
      Set agenda for Branch meetings;
      Act as spokesperson for the Branch.
    2. Vice-President: Assume duties of the President in President’s absence.
    3. Secretary: Record minutes of business and executive meetings;
      Read minutes as required;
      Write up and submit ads re meetings;
      Present correspondence to the Executive for direction.
    4. Treasurer: Write cheques as necessary;
      Make deposits;
      Maintain financial records;
    5. Prepare Treasurer’s Report to present at Branch meetings;
      In conjunction with Executive, prepare budget.
  11. Representation at RTO Annual General Meetings: The President, or a member delegated by the President/Executive, shall represent the Branch of the RTO AGM as well as the Provincial Branch Presidents’ Meetings. The delegate will present a report of the activities of the Branch. The Branch will cover the expenses of the delegate not covered by the RTO.
  12. Quorum:
    1. At Executive meetings, a quorum shall be fifty percent (50%)
    2. At Branch meetings, a quorum shall be the Executive quorum plus five (+5) other non-executive members.
  13. Amendments: These By-Laws/Operating Procedures may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members at the Branch AGM.
  14. Roberts Rules of Order shall be the governing rules of procedure.